In case you were wondering…

Reese’s rants is a collection of rants about what ever is on my mind on any particular day.

I’ll be talking about politics, campaigning, ideas, popular culture and just life as it unfolds.  Just like I do on Facebook really, though the plan is to make my posts here a bit more coherent.

In case you’re wondering, I’m a 40-something mother of three kids, living in Kentish Town, North London. I combine child wrangling with teaching and some freelance TV work – in a previous life I made loads of list shows (some better than others…)

I spend much of my life fighting cuts in public services – at the moment I’m leading a campaign to stop a local playcentre from being closed down. I also campaign for the Labour Party – more thoughts on this to follow…

Today I’ve been thinking about this:

It’s a story about how the workers in the factory who make our iphones and Xboxes are so fed up with their working conditions that they’re threatening to kill themselves. Not go on strike. Or resign. Actually kill themselves. Can we imagine anyone in our culture ever being that desperate?

I just took delivery of a shiny new iphone 4S yesterday – my original one was faulty – and reading this article slightly marred the pleasure I would normally gain from my phone/toy.

In other words, how the consumer goods we all love so much are made in the most miserable conditions, a fact that is conspicuous by its absence from the glossy propaganda pumped out by the Apple machine.

I’ll be talking a lot more about my thoughts on the subject of globalization, which have evolved from a shameful “woo hoo, you can buy a T-shirt in Primark for 3 quid” to something a bit more thoughtful.

I feel slightly embarrassed to have taken so long to “get” why people don’t like globalization, especially since yesterday I was reading a fantastic essay critiquing this (amongst other things) from the late 1990s.

Back then I would have dismissed anyone who questioned globalization (or the free market) as a complete head-banger. I was New Labour to the core and thought Tony was ace.

Remember this….

It almost bring a tear to the eye!

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One thought on “In case you were wondering…

  1. Amazin! How did you get so much content so quickly? Looking forward to reading more. f

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