12 Links I Can’t Live Without (in no particular order)

  1. – for all your lefty news needs (though I didn’t like them telling me to vote Lib Dem in 2010)
  2. – in depth lefty news needs
  3. – more addictive than crack but it tastes so yummy
  4. – home of child genius Owen Jones
  5. – fantastic blog of documentary maker Adam Curtis
  6. – at times annoying, but always intriguing
  7. – yes I am a member; no, I don’t agree with everything they do
  8. – I care passionately about education and believe these guys are on the right track (wish the Labour Party would get behind them)
  9. – the blog of my dear friend, the self confessed “Sex Terror” Mark Simpson
  10. – my husband’s website – social media since 2001
  11. – terrifying, hateful and utterly fascinating. Love the way the online version has a curious soft porn quality to it
  12. – online version of my local paper. The journalists are great – Tom Foot and Richard Osley are legends.
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One thought on “12 Links I Can’t Live Without (in no particular order)

  1. May I politely suggest using so that the Daily Fail do not get any excess traffic, if you choose to link to their horror in your blog?

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