Ken + Kate = win

I’ve already waxed lyrical about my love for Kate Bush; another person I’ll always have a lot of time for is Ken Livingstone. As an active Labour supporter, I’ll be doing a lot of campaigning for him in the next few months (though to be honest he’s a lot easier to campaign for than some politicians I won’t mention). Yes I am talking about you, Ed Balls.

Yesterday I was reading Ken’s memoirs, cheekily titled You Can’t Say That, which describes his political finagling in intricate detail – such as holding GLC meetings on Friday afternoons in the knowledge that his Tory opponents would already have decamped to their country residences . I’m weird so I find this very interesting, but it’s not for everyone.

I’ve just reading the bit about the abolition of the GLC, which I remember clearly as I was a teenager at the time. I liked Ken because he made bus fares cheaper (which meant I had more money to spend on sweets) and because he was one of the few people to stand up to the horrific Thatcher. As a young person I didn’t really understand why Thatcher was so evil – living in suburban London we were worlds away from her systematic onslaught on manufacturing industry. But we instinctively knew she was bad – just as we instinctively knew Ken was good. And this was in the far from revolutionary environment of Wimbledon High School for Girls!

Anyway, back to Ken ‘n’ Kate. Reading Ken’s book last night, I came across a reference to the fact that the Comic Strip (another teenage Reese favourite) made a show about the abolition of the GLC. The casting was fantastically bizarre – Robbie Coltrane played Ken (with an American accent), while Jennifer Saunders was a steel clawed Robo-Thatcher (maybe not so bizarre).

And best of all, they got Kate Bush to make a song for it.

Seeing this makes me sing for joy that Youtube has been invented.

Which reminds me, I need to get my act together and pop some leaflets through doors/hassle some local party members. We need to get Ken back in.


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One thought on “Ken + Kate = win

  1. Where do you find them Lucy! terrific. Robbie Coltrane for Mayor I say ! ( Don’t worry – Ken will get my vote, )

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