Jimmy Savile and David Icke

It’s hardly a secret that I’m obsessed with the Jimmy Savile story, as the last few posts on this blog will testify.

Every day I find myself googling for more news on Savile, moving from mainstream news websites to the more peculiar edges of the internet.

Like this:

Today, even the uber respectable London Review of Books was adding to the ‘everyone in the Establishment is a paedophile’ meme. To be fair, the article was rather wonderful and incredibly well researched:

So it is probably extremely unfair to put it in the same category as the wild and crazy conspiracy theory blogs that I am spending far too much time reading at the moment.

I have even, wait for it, found myself revisiting David Icke’s

website – an old favourite from many years ago. Not because I have suddenly bought into his theories that the Royal family are shape-shifting lizards (oh that it were true!) but because Icke’s website is full to bursting with lurid conspiracy theories involving Sir Jimmy.

If you don’t believe me, look at this:

This week Tom Watson MP – most famous for being the man who took on Murdoch – set off a frenzy of speculation when he suggested that Savile might be connected to a famous politician.

This in turn fuelled the internet rumours that have been bubbling away for some time that Savile procured boys for Ted Heath; a rumour set in place by Icke ages ago.

It is fair to say that Heath is not Icke’s favourite person – he describes the former Tory PM as  a child-killing paedophile Satanist in an article from 2010:

Other Icke bugbears include the Royals, Blair, the Clintons, Obama, Dick Cheney and the singer Kris Kristofferson


And here is a more comprehensive list of Icke’s baddies:

I find Icke fascinating for so many reasons. Firstly, I remember him being on TV in the 80s, presenting sports programmes for the BBC (around the same time that Savile was presenting Jim’ll Fix It ).

Secondly I remember the notorious appearance on Wogan and also the hilarious newspaper headlines that followed it.

I can’t find an image to go with it, but I’m pretty sure that I read a headline that said David Icke is Off His Bike – specifically relating to Icke’s assertion that he was now the Son of God.

Then the internet happened in the late 90s/early 2000s (yes, I know it happened before that for some, but that’s when it really made a difference to me and many people I know).

Icke’s website became the ultimate destination if you were having a boring day in the office. It was weird, it was wonderful and best of all it said that the Royal family were lizards. How cool was that?

The reptile theme sort of makes sense as a metaphor for the powerful and let’s face it, believing that Tony Blair and Rupert Murdoch have scales and forked tongues is hardly that difficult. But the joy of Icke’s world is that he literally thinks the rich and powerful are reptiles. Literally.

I’ve also become more interested in Icke recently because I am constantly surrounded by young people who literally believe in the existence of Illuminati – a shadowy secret society that seems to include many of the characters on Icke’s hit list, plus a fair sprinkling of African American entertainment stars – Beyonce, Jay Z, Rhianna etc.

This picture allegedly shows Beyonce making Illuminati hand gestures and it goes without saying that her baby daughter has been labelled as some kind of fiend by those who swallow these conspiracy theories.

I was chatting with a very nice young boy the other day – our conversation swerved from discussing the pros and cons of editing software into the murky world of the conspiracy theory. In addition to The Illuminati, his young brain was swirling with stuff from Icke, stuff about the world ending in 2012 – you name it.

I said what I always say to young people – that I believe that the Illuminati myth is a metaphor; that the world is controlled by rich and powerful people who can buy their way out of trouble. I don’t, for example, imagine that Rebekah Brooks will end up in Holloway for her crimes.

Likewise, Icke’s theories aim to tackle power and corruption, exploring how the Establishment protects its own. Why,for example, was Savile given the OBE (by none other than Ted Heath) and why on earth was he given a knighthood?

Icke is currently on tour

and there is a side of me that would love to go and hear him speak. He has given me endless pleasure over the years – from that appearance on Wogan in the early 90s to the rich feast that is the website. He is obviously a very unconventional person with some very off the wall views.

Which makes it uncanny that so much of what he has been saying – regarding the problem of paedophilia in the Establishment – seems to be more than just the crazy talk of a crackpot.

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3 thoughts on “Jimmy Savile and David Icke

  1. you should watch Grimm…. quite poignant.

  2. St John International head office in London have this week made the decision to grant awards to two known members of a paedophile gang in New Zealand. The awards are to be presented by the Queen’s representative in NZ, the Governor General.

  3. It’s worth pointing out that the Illuminati have historical roots as the Ancient Illuminated Seers of Bavaria in late 18th Century Europe. At the time a lot of Enlightenment era radicals met in secret societies. It’s no coincidence that the Founding Fathers were almost all Freemasons (and Deists rather than Christians, however much the American Christian Right is in denial about it).
    However David Icke’s take on the Illuminati probably owes nothing to history and everything to Robert Anton Wilson and the psychotropic drugs I expect you need in order to be able to commentate for long periods on snooker matches. I’d say he was good value but I can’t deal with anti-semitism or any other form of bigotry for that matter. So I think he’s a bit of a tosser tbh…

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