We Are All Connected

Years ago I remember watching this….


We are connected

I enjoyed its message – though I am not sure I see the universe through a particularly scientific lens. I am by nature a mystic , seeing patterns in the world that suggest something else. Maybe this is just a sign of incipient madness. Who knows. Does it really matter?

Anyway, one of the core themes of my writing is that we are all connected. Not just biologically, but socially and politically. I think the idea that we are all ‘individuals’ is a dangerous one – we all need people very badly. We need to be there for each other. On so many levels.

I like the idea that we all stand together along a chain of being and that linking arms can create change. You could call it networking. Or solidarity. I like the word solidarity very much.

For this reason, I have decided to perform a little experiment. I am sending my writing out to all the people I know and asking them to pass it on to 3 or 4 people that they think might enjoy it. Those people might be IMPORTANT people with access to the publishing industry – at the end of the day I do want to get my work published. Or they might just be people who would like reading it. Get pleasure from it. My work is ultimately there for people to enjoy. I am fascinated where it will end up if I do this. How far will it travel, both geographically and culturally? Maybe it will be plagiarised? If so, my lawyers are waiting…..

Here is the synopsis of the book, which might give you an idea of whether or not you fancy joining in my literary experiment. Yes, of course I could just self publish, but I don’t feel quite ready to do that yet. I think the book still needs a bit of editing and I – gasp – quite like the idea of it being published in the more traditional way. That is the goal, although of course I accept that it may never happen.

Anyway, this is what I want to get out there….

The Flats – A Synopsis

Every day the papers are full of stories about how gentrification is destroying London and how the city we love is vanishing in front of our eyes.

The Flats takes this issue and brings it very much to life; we see what happens when a small council estate in Kentish Town is sold off to a developer by a corrupt council official. Fortunately, the residents decide to fight back – the novel shows that resistance is always possible and can have hilarious consequences.

The Flats is a political novel but it is also a very human novel. We learn to care about the residents of the estate and understand why their homes are important to them. Some of the residents are fairly dubious characters, but once we know them, we accept them – just as we accept our friends and family.

We also see how the power of celebrity and the media is all important in our current age. The residents are lucky enough to have enlisted celebrity activist Blake Lovelace in their struggle, which in turn is documented by radical film maker Lucinda Spears. Her goal is to sell the story of the flats to venal TV executive Benny Baron.

At the heart of the novel is the theme of personal change, as typified by the character of Piers Browne, the quintessential bumbling upper middle class twit. Originally introduced to the novel as an agent of the developer, Piers undergoes a thorough metamorphosis, as it dawns on him just how wrong it would be to destroy the estate.

In addition to this, the novel explores sexuality, friendship, community, race, class, greed, love and human misery. It asks us to forgive and to understand, but it also focuses on the comic potential present in most situations.

The Flats is a slice of life from the world we live in now. Part social realism, part black comedy, it aims to encapsulate the hyperactive place that is 21st Century London.

So there you go.

If you like the sound of taking part in my literary experiment  – how fucking pretentious does that sound – then drop me a line. Message me here, or on Facebook or email me at I’m going to be revisiting the manuscript over the next few days and re-jigging it a bit (I need to swap a few bits around). I kind of knew I needed to do this, but I was so horribly close to it I couldn’t really see the wood for the trees. I want people to say nice things to me (don’t we all) but I also want to hear how it could be improved.

It is still a work in progress, but then aren’t we all?

Help me make it better and get it out there – I really can’t do it without you.




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